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Four Tips to Help You Manage Your Career Effectively

There’s no time like the present to take charge of your career. That’s because the more prepared you are, the better equipped you’ll be when your dream job comes knocking. You can’t predict the future, but you can be ready for it by following four strategic career management tips.

Four ways to get ahead of the job search curve

If you’re looking for a new travel job or perfectly happy with your current one, you can never know with 100 percent certainty what’s around the corner. Good news such as a surprise call from a recruiter—or bad news such as an unanticipated lay off—can both take you by surprise. But by taking the right career steps, you can make the most of any situation. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Always keep your resume current. This can help you avoid last-minute scrambling. You’ll also be able to keep up with all your accomplishments, so nothing important gets left out. On a regular basis, possibly every quarter, check in on your resume and add anything significant that has happened with your career. You could include any new skills you’ve learned, major projects you’ve completed, registrations or licensures you’ve earned, courses you’ve taken, etc.
  2. Find a career mentor. It’s extremely helpful to have someone you can look to for guidance and advice. To find a career mentor, you can approach someone from your alma mater or current workplace, or even someone you admire within your profession or community. Your mentor should be someone who has chosen a similar career path and can serve as your coach as you develop and grow in your career. He or she should also be someone you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable talking on a regular basis.
  3. Join a professional organization. Never discount the power of networking. One of the best places to network is in person at professional networking events. To find an organization within your field, look through industry websites or journals, check with your registration or licensure board, or even ask your colleagues.
  4. Maintain a social media presence. Social media is also an important place to make sure your voice is heard. Linked In is the best site for professionals to keep their finger on the pulse of the working world. You’ll be able to join groups and participate in discussions that make your name and title visible to others—including recruiters. You’ll also be able to establish yourself as a subject matter expert within your profession.

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Even if you’re not currently looking for a new job, it’s always a good idea to maintain a relationship with a recruiter. This way, he or she can keep you in mind when job opportunities pop up. You’ll be just a phone call or email away, and you never know what your recruiter may find for you. Also, if you experience a lay-off, you’ll be that much closer to finding your next position.

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