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Four Tips for Finding Your First Pharmacist Position

If you’re freshly graduated and looking for a pharmacy job, you might be concerned about the competitive pharmacy job market. You’ve just worked hard to get through college, incurring plenty of school debt, no doubt, and the responsibility to find the well-paying job you’ve been looking forward to is looming over your head. But fear not: Though the pharmacy industry is somewhat saturated at present, you can still find gainful employment as a pharmacist. You can help move your job search along by following a few smart career tips.

To compete with other new pharmacy grads, you’ll need to set yourself apart in your job search. Consider the following four strategies:

  1. Consider all your options. As a pharmacist, you have a wide array of practice options. You shouldn’t limit yourself when considering the type of pharmacy job you’re looking for. Other than clinical pharmacy, you can also consider business, law, public health, research, etc. The more you open yourself up to possibilities, the easier time you’ll have finding a job.
  2. Keep up with current trends. The pharmacy industry is constantly changing. To keep yourself marketable, you’ll need to know what’s new in the industry. To do this, you can join professional organizations, attend networking events, take continuing education classes, and subscribe to pharmacy newsletters, magazines or journals. And when you see a current trend—for example, specialty pharmacy or managed care—consider post-graduate training. A little extra work can make you that much more marketable come hiring time.
  3. Be willing to relocate. If you are willing to accept a position in an area other than where you currently live, you’ll find yourself with an entire country full of job opportunities. Another career option is travel pharmacy. With a travel career, you’ll be able to explore different cities, meet new people and experience new job settings through several placements each year. Travel pharmacy is also a great way to build up your resume prior to accepting a permanent placement.
  4. Consider working with a staffing partner. Recruiters, especially niche medical recruiters, have contacts throughout the medical industry. For this reason, they are aware of job opportunities that may not be posted to the general public. A recruiter will have a clear understanding of the qualifications required for an open position, and, if you’re a good match, will be able to get your resume directly into the hands of a hiring manager. So you won’t submit your resume into a “black hole,” which can save you time and frustration in your job search.

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