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Four Reasons to Work With a Specialty Agency to Find a Nursing Job in the U.S.

International travel nursing in the United States

If you’re a foreign nurse looking for nursing job in the United States, it will help your search to work with a recruiter. And when you’re in search of a U.S. based healthcare recruiter, you’ll have better access to top nursing jobs when you work with a specialty agency. Here’s why.

As an international RN, your job search will get a boost when you work with a specialty agency:

  • Find a job faster. Different from generalized staffing agencies, specialty recruitment services are experts at what they do. They have specialized knowledge that’s focused on a narrow field—nursing! As you would expect, this means they have extensive experience finding and placing nurses, so you will be able to find an international nurse job much faster than searching on your own.
  • Get access to a wider variety of jobs. Specialty agencies maintain contracts with as many facilities as possible. Their expertise can help ensure these facilities find highly qualified nurses to match hiring requirements. For you, this means access to a much larger pool of nursing jobs than working with a generalized staffing agency.
  • Easier transition to the U.S. Specialty agencies want their nurses to have the best on-the-job experiences. They work closely with their international RNs for help securing the right licensure and paperwork. Many agencies also help their nurses find housing, understand tax laws and get settled in their new temporary home.
  • Support once you arrive. It can be intimidating moving to a new country, but it doesn’t have to be. Top nurse recruiters support their nurses with ongoing contact during your RN placement—to ensure your assignment goes smoothly and you get the most from your nurse job.

Looking for an international nurse recruiter?

Just contact the experts at MedPro Healthcare Staffing! We work with our international nurses to find placements that meet your career goals. Plus, we offer our MedPro Experience program to be sure each placement is your best yet! To learn more about our nurse employment opportunities in the United States, call us at 1-800-866-8108, or apply below.


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