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Getting Started

Preparing to work in the U.S

Arriving in the U.S & Orientation

Employment with MedPro

Compensation & Benefits

Working with MedPro

Getting Started

Why should I choose to work with MedPro?

MedPro is an established company with unparalleled success
in securing green cards and client assignments for quality foreign nurses.

We are successful because we hire only nurses we feel will
succeed in emigrating to and working in the U.S. Because we work only with
quality nurses, we are able to secure contracts with the most reputable clients
across the U.S. in a variety of clinical settings.

In business since 1983, and specializing only in the
healthcare industry, MedPro is a privately-owned company with a strong
financial backing. You can count on receiving a paycheck every week for the
duration of your employment with MedPro.

What are the basic requirements to work with MedPro?

To be considered by MedPro, you must be a registered nurse
that is licensed or registered to practice in the country in which you received
your professional degree. To be successful in the U.S. you should have at least
one year of current experience in your profession at the time of joining

How do I apply to work with MedPro?

If you’re a foreign-trained nurse wishing to live and work
in the U.S., just complete our contact form, or call one of our recruiters at
800. 886.8108.

What is the basic process?

Shortly after contacting us one of our recruiters will
arrange for a telephone call with you to learn more about your professional
background and interest in coming to the U.S. Assuming you are a quality nurse
and want to move forward with the process, we’ll send our standard employment
agreement for you to review. After you execute the employment agreement our
licensure specialists will commence the process to get you ready to come to the

How long does it take before I can be working in the U.S.?

The amount of time it will take to complete testing,
licensing and immigration depends on a number of factors, including your
education and experience, and your green card priority date. Our recruiters can
give you a good estimate after they have spoken with you

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Preparing to work in the U.S

What happens after I sign an employment agreement with MedPro?

Once you sign an employment agreement, MedPro and your recruiting agency will work closely with you to ensure you complete each step necessary to live and work in the U.S.

Will I receive any financial assistance for credentialing costs and the NCLEX?

This is something that you should discuss with your recruiting company or MedPro Recruiter prior to signing the employment agreement.

What type of employment based visa will I receive?

MedPro primarily utilizes permanent residency (green card) to sponsor nurses for work in the U.S.

Who pays for the cost of the visa?

MedPro will pay all visa filing and processing fees, as well as the legal costs, for your visa application. You would be responsible for the costs associated with any family members.

Can my spouse and children come with me to the U.S.?

Yes, spouses and dependent children under 21 years old are
eligible to be included under your green card.

Who is responsible for the cost to travel to the U.S. to start work?

MedPro or your recruiting company will arrange and pay for your airline transportation to Ft. Lauderdale, where MedPro offices are located.

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Arriving in the U.S & Orientation

What can I expect once I land in the U.S.?

MedPro will have a representative pick you up at the airport. That representative will drive you to housing arranged by MedPro.

Where will I live when in Ft. Lauderdale?

MedPro has arranged and paid for housing near our offices in Ft. Lauderdale. Normally you will share a room in a house with another MedPro employee. While the kitchen will be stocked with certain food staples, you will have to shop for groceries during your stay. (We will take you to the grocery store.)

How will I get around when in Ft. Lauderdale?

MedPro will arrange and pay for all necessary transportation during your stay in Ft. Lauderdale, including transportation to the MedPro offices for orientation, and transportation to complete a number of personal tasks necessary to prepare you for life in the U.S. (establishing a bank account, obtaining a Social Security number, getting a mobile phone, etc.).

What does orientation consist of?

Orientation consists of classroom training on clinical and employment issues. The orientation is conducted in MedPro offices in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, and lasts four days.

Will I have time to explore the area?

Before starting your first work assignment you should have time to explore South Florida beaches, shopping, restaurants, and night life. Some new employees have even made weekend trips to Orlando to visit Disney World.

Will I be paid during orientation?

Yes. MedPro provides $2,500 in initial net pay to you, which covers your first three weeks of work, commencing when you start orientation. If you are deployed to your first assignment before the end of the third week, you will receive this initial pay plus pay for the hours you work at the client site.

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Employment with MedPro

How long must I stay employed with MedPro?

Given the significant costs MedPro incurs to recruit nurses and bring them to the U.S. to work, we require each nurse to commit to a three year term of employment. Normally you will be employed by MedPro for two years and then become an employee of the facility where you work.
If you do not feel you can honor this three year commitment, please discuss ASAP with your MedPro representative. We appreciate that moving to the U.S. is a significant undertaking and want to make sure you are comfortable with your move and future employment with MedPro.

When does the three year commitment period actually start?

Your three year employment commitment starts when you start your first client work assignment.

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Compensation & Benefits

What is the salary?

Your starting salary will be based on your professional experience and the prevailing wage (set by the U.S. Department of Labor) for the area where you are working.

What kind of benefits will I receive while at MedPro?

MedPro offers a comprehensive benefits package, including:

  • Health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance
  • Paid time off, accrued at 12 hours per month of work
  • 401k retirement plan where MedPro contributes $.25 for every $1 you contribute
  • Continuing education reimbursement, for licensure and professional development

When do health insurance benefits start, and how much do they cost?

Your health insurance coverage commences on the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

The cost varies based on several factors, including the type of medical insurance plan you choose, whether you include family members in coverage, and whether you elect to enroll in other optional coverage. Medical insurance costs over $4,000 per year for an individual employee. It is costly because it covers everything from doctors’ visits to prescriptions to emergency hospitalization. Fortunately, MedPro pays 90% to 95% of the cost of your medical insurance, depending upon the plan you choose. If you enroll any family members, or if you elect dental or vision coverage, your costs will be higher.

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Working with MedPro

How long are typical assignments?

MedPro provides temporary professionals to clients across
the U.S. on both short-term and temp-to-perm assignments. Short-term
assignments are normally 13 weeks to start and may be extended beyond that. A
temp-to-perm assignment is one in which a nurse remains at the same work
location for a period of time (usually two years) then goes on to become a
full-time employee of the facility. Whether you will be employed on a
temp-to-perm assignment or on short term assignments (and how long you stay on
a short term assignment) will depend on a number of factors, some of which are
in your control (such as how well you perform on an assignment), and others
that are out of your control (such as client census).

Most of MedPro’s clients want to utilize MedPro nurses on a
short-term basis. MedPro exists to serve the needs of our clients, and these
needs are the reason why we are able to offer you an employment opportunity in
the U.S. You should view short term assignments and the possible need to
relocate within the U.S. as a temporary but necessary condition to emigrating
to the U.S., earning a nice salary, and securing your green card. It is very
important to remain flexible when acquiring personal possessions (furniture)
and signing apartment leases. MedPro will provide advice in these areas.

Can I choose my assignment locations?

While our goal is to accommodate all requests, it is difficult to promise a specific location. Should an assignment not be available in your desired location, we will do our best to locate work as close as possible.

Can I choose my assignment setting?

MedPro services a variety of clinical settings, including
hospital, skilled nursing facility, outpatient, and home health. It is likely
that you will experience different settings during your tenure with MedPro. We
will always place you in a facility/setting with proper support to ensure your

Who pays for the costs to relocate to my next assignment?

MedPro will pay for your relocation costs if you are assigned to a new facility outside your existing commuting area. Your MedPro Liaison will work with you to develop a relocation plan that includes transportation, shipping of your belongings and hotel accommodations.

For items such as airfare or shipping of your vehicle, MedPro will pay these costs directly. For expenses you incur directly (such as mileage or shipping of your personal effects), MedPro will reimburse you once you submit appropriate receipts.

Do you provide housing in my assignment location?

MedPro provides personalized housing assistance, but the
cost of the apartment you rent is your responsibility.

International employees are generally not eligible for
housing reimbursement under U.S. tax guidelines since they do not maintain a
permanent tax home in the U.S., and therefore do not have the “double
expense” in carrying out their work.

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