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Foreign Nursing Professional? How to Find a Great Job in the U.S.

Are you thinking about traveling to the United States for work? You may be worried about the logistics of your move, transferring your nursing license, getting your work visa, and the overall immigration process. But did you know that working with an experienced, knowledgeable staffing company can help? You’ll get the support and guidance you need to help you through your big move. You’ll be able to get settled and ready for a successful nursing career in the U.S.


MedPro Healthcare Staffing is your number one choice

Once you’re ready to begin the process of finding a nursing job in the U.S., just reach out to MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We’ll provide you with a team of international professionals that can help you through every step of your journey. You’ll be able to work with:

  • Your own dedicated specialist.
  • Relationship managers.
  • In-house support staff.
  • A licensed immigration attorney.
  • Experienced management.

Plus, you’ll join a family of other foreign-born nurses who are established and growing in their nursing careers here in the states.

What MedPro offers

Our services and benefits are designed to help foreign nursing professionals get settled into successful, rewarding nursing careers. We offer:

  • Credentialing and immigration assistance, so the transition of your licensure and paperwork is as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Thorough orientation, including classroom and hands-on training.
  • Competitive pay and benefits, with health, vision and dental insurance; life and disability coverage; paid time off; 401(k); continuing education reimbursement; and more.
  • Ongoing support. We want to understand your goals so you can experience a rewarding nursing career. We’ll work with you to help you achieve your dreams.

For more information

Not quite sure if you’re ready for a state-side placement and need more information? Simply check out our FAQ page for answers to all your career- and travel-related questions. You can learn more about the benefits of choosing MedPro, how to apply, how to prepare for a U.S. assignment, your orientation, compensation and benefits, and answers to a variety of other questions you may have.

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