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Five Travel Nursing Traits in High Demand

As the healthcare industry continues to expand, there will be a continuing demand for nurses; one that is expected to exist until 2020. But even in a favorable job market, having skills that are sought after by employers can be essential in helping you to get the kind of job you want in the location that you want.

Here are a few of those skills that are in high demand; ones that you should learn and practice.

Computer literacy

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is almost universal in the healthcare industry today. One of the most important skills you can have is a familiarity with the EHR, knowing how to access it, what is in it and how to use it. Moreover, being familiar with more than one EHR platform will make you even more valuable to employers.

Communication skills

These are important to have in any job, and even more so in nursing. As a nurse you interact with a wide variety of people from healthcare professionals to patients and their family members. You are dealing with people from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and you need to be sensitive to their needs.

Good communication skills are crucial – the ability to render complex information understandable, transmit information clearly and succinctly and listen to and understand what other people are attempting to communicate to you.


This is the ability to quickly adapt to different conditions and situations. It is the capacity to learn new things and incorporate them into your work. The opposite of flexibility is rigidity and narrow mindedness; the inability to change or try things that are different.

Being detail oriented.

Naturally, this is very important for nurses, who are responsible for administering medication to patients. Being detail oriented means following proper procedures and being aware of all things involved in delivering superior patient care.

Critical-thinking skills

Nurses are constantly making decisions involving patient care so critical-thinking skills are important. Such skills require the ability to assess situations, determine the essential from the non-essential, sift through and analyze patient information. To follow evidence and reason logically.

Travel Nursing Career Opportunities

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