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Five Signs of a Great Travel Healthcare Provider

Are you considering supplementing your staff with travel healthcare workers? This can be a great way to round out your staff and maintain a high level of patient care. Finding the right travel healthcare staffing partner is important to finding highly qualified healthcare staff that match well with your facility’s needs. To help you make your decision, it can help to follow a few key search strategies. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Identify a high-quality travel healthcare provider with these five indicators

In your hunt for supplemental travel healthcare employees, look for a staffing service that offers the following:

  1. “Niche” services. The best staffing agencies don’t spread themselves too thin as generalists. Instead, you’ll want to focus on a staffing partner that specializes in your healthcare niche. This way, you can rest assured they’re well experienced and will understand exactly the type of employees your facility needs to succeed.
  2. Comprehensive candidate screening. In a perfect world, all candidates would be perfectly qualified with “clean” employment records. Unfortunately, the world is an imperfect place. That’s why you’ll want to choose a staffing service that performs fact checking on each candidate’s resume, a background screening, drug testing, etc. This way, you’ll know your facility, staff and patients will be in good hands with all new hires.
  3. A mission or philosophy that echoes your own. What is the staffing agency’s overarching mission or goal? You’ll be able to find it on their company website. If it matches closely with your own, you’ll know you’ve found a staffing partner you’ll work well with.
  4. Easy access to recruiters. The easier you can get in touch with your recruiter, the happier a customer you’ll be. Look for a staffing service that offers hours you can work with and provides multiple ways to contact your recruiter—either by office phone, cell phone, text or email.
  5. A great reputation. The opinion of others does matter. To find out what others have to say about the services offered by a staffing agency, simply Google the agency or check it out on opinion sites, such as You can also ask for recommendations from colleagues who have used staffing firms for travel workers.

Conduct your own interview

As you’re narrowing down your choices, you should contact the staffing agencies you’re considering and ask them plenty of questions. Then, compare the facts with your gut instincts. Which agency fits all or most of your needs, and which one feels right? Taking the time to find the right staffing partner for your facility will save you plenty of time and stress down the road.

Find highly qualified travel healthcare staff with MedPro Healthcare Staffing

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