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Fitbit Garners FDA Approval for New ECG App

Health tech manufacturer, Fitbit, announced on Monday that it has secured clearance to establish a new electrocardiogram application for its devices, which will be used to monitor possible signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib). MedPro Explorers, travel nurses and allied professionals who are tracking their fitness can now also stay in-the-know in regards to their respective overall health as well.
Centering on both irregular and rapid heart rates, AFib, is referenced when the flow of blood is weakened, resulting in cardiac deformities like, stroke, blood clots and heart attacks. It has traditionally been difficult to track, however, which makes the rising market for heart-monitoring devices a booming enterprise. The hope is to better inform patients, spotlight symptoms and promote good health.
The company also recently held a clinical trial, across multiple locations throughout the U.S., using its tech to evaluate the algorithmic accuracy for its ECG initiative. The findings were 100% accurate in identifying patients with a normal sinus rhythm and 98.7% successful in targeting AFib cases.
Fitbit is also currently conducting a study in determining if its devices can spot early detections and symptoms of COVID-19 as well. This could provide yet another tool, not just for patients, but for Explorers and travel nurses being sent out on their multiweek-long assignments, in monitoring their respective health and well-being too.
As Fitbit continues to move away from solely serving as a fitness tracker and more along the lines of a health and wellness provider, it is not only patients who are benefitting. Registered nurses can now even use their smart devices to check patient’s pulse and respiratory counts, keep track of time and manage their schedules, as well as set reminders for patient medications.
The new ECG app will be available for its devices starting in October of 2020.

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