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Tips for Finding Local “Hidden Gems” While on Assignment

An understandably huge attraction to working as a healthcare traveler is the opportunity to… travel!

Whether you travel across your city, your state, or across the country, you’re going to want to take advantage of all that your assignment city has to offer during your time off.

Read below for several tips on how to find the “hidden gems” that every assignment city has to offer a healthcare traveler.

  • Ask your assignment co-workers for tips. This is your first and probably best bet. Ask for tips on what to see and do in your new (temporary) home. As long-time residents, these folks will know where the great restaurants and night spots are located, where the less-expensive movie theaters are to be found, where the best spot for fly fishing is hidden, and much more.
  • is a great place to begin your search for places to go and things to do in your assignment city. Just type in the state or city of your choice and at the top of the page that comes up (it offers hotel choices) you’ll see the tab “Things to Do.” Click on the tab and up will pop attractions to visit and activities to enjoy that have been recommended by other travelers. These are particularly helpful because the reviews are written by people who actually went to the event or visited the sight, etc.
  • Get a good guide book for your city before you leave. Riffle through it to learn more about its history, what attractions are nearby, what kind of recreational opportunities are available, etc. The Automobile Club of America (AAA), offers apps you can download that will discuss your new destination (similar to the hardcopy guidebooks).
  • Just get in your car and go! On a day off, grab your car keys and just go in one direction or another. It doesn’t matter; just take an afternoon and explore your city. Park the car and walk when you find a neighborhood, street or trail that looks interesting. Or, skip the car and hop on a bus or subway. Strike up a conversation with locals and ask them what places they love best in their town.
  • Rent a bicycle and go for a ride. Get lost on purpose and then fight the urge to just look at the GPS on your smartphone and ask a passerby for directions to a great park, restaurant or other attractions.
  • Talk to Strangers. Despite what your parents taught you, it’s a great idea to talk to strangers while on assignment. If you are comfortable with it, you’ll be able to get a better feel for your assignment city and you’ll undoubtedly learn about places to visit that you’d never have learned of otherwise. Just follow common safety practices!

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