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Finding a Great Healthcare Travel Firm After a Bad Experience

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that some travelers have bad experiences with healthcare travel staffing firms. The types of poor experiences could include:

  • They were treated poorly.
  • Their questions weren’t answered fully or were even ignored.
  • The traveler went on an assignment that wasn’t at all what he or she had been told it would be.
  • The traveler received the runaround when he or she approached the recruiter about the problem.
  • The traveler was bullied or harassed at the assignment.

If this has happened to you, on behalf of the entire healthcare travel staffing industry, we apologize. No one should be treated badly, be lied to, be harassed, or otherwise have a poor travel experience that could have been avoided with just simply courtesy, good communication and consideration.

We want you to know that not all healthcare travel staffing firms are alike. Some give our industry a very bad name, but there are many – and these are the majority of firms – that provide their travelers with outstanding service and a great assignment experience.

Read below for some tips on how to spot the “good guys.”

  • While being new shouldn’t necessarily be a black mark on a company, it is wise to look for travel staffing firms that have been in business for a few years. A company doesn’t stay in business if it routinely treats its travelers poorly. An established company has shown its travelers as well as its clients that it knows what it’s doing and can be trusted.
  • Established firms also have long-standing relationships with many medical facilities. You’ll have a better chance of receiving a greater variety of assignments with an established firm.
  • As you speak with the recruiters, pay careful attention to how you’re treated. Is the recruiter truly hearing what your goals and needs are, and does he or she take them into consideration when it comes to assignments? Or is the recruiter trying to force you to take assignments in places you’re not interested in?
  • Ask the travel firm about continuing education opportunities for its travelers, as well as its level of benefits, referral programs, and how it supports its travelers while they’re on the road.

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