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Using LinkedIn as a Travel Healthcare Professional

Most people think of LinkedIn only when they’re looking for work. If you’re not looking for your next healthcare position, why bother?

Why? Because it’s a terrific way to stay in touch with colleagues, trends in your specialty and to stay abreast of the great professional opportunities that may come your way. At minimum, executive recruiters constantly look at LinkedIn for people who may have the skills and background their clients (the hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities) are desperate to find.

In addition, if you’re at all interested in working as a traveling healthcare professional, travel medical staffing firms such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing also use LinkedIn to look for nurses, OTs, PTs, speech therapists, and pharmacy professionals for traveling opportunities.

Still, even if you never want to change employers, here are other important reasons to have a complete profile and engage with others on LinkedIn:

  1. You never know…. As in, you never know when your circumstances will change and you could a) want or b) need to change positions. Having a full profile on LinkedIn before you want or need a new job will help you find that new job faster when you do need/want it.
  2. Employers expect job candidates to be savvy when it comes to online media. If you’re not on LinkedIn? An employer could end up with the perception that you’re lazy or not tech-savvy. You don’t want that type of “rep” in today’s market.
  3. Start participating in LinkedIn groups. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of groups on LinkedIn that focus on healthcare, healthcare careers and more. If you make an effort, you’ll soon enough find one or two groups that fit well with your personality and interests. It’s these groups that you’ll want to visit at least once or twice a week.
  4. As an example, here are just three healthcare-oriented groups currently active:
    1. Registered Nurse Group
    2. ExecuCare Professional Nurse Organization
    3. Bio/Pharm Professionals
  5. As you visit the groups you eventually settle upon, start participating. Ask meaningful questions. More importantly, answer questions. Will you be able to answer every question asked? Of course not! But if you provide a thoughtful and helpful answer or opinion to queries that you feel comfortable answering, eventually, you’ll get known.
  6. Becoming known helps you in so many ways. Not only will recruiters take notice, but so will the people who have the potential to improve your career. Industry associations may ask you to present at meetings.

In short, being active on LinkedIn can only help your career.

Working as a traveling healthcare professional also can be a great boon to your resume. You’ll learn new techniques, help different types of patients, and you’ll meet new colleagues from all around the nation. If you’re at all interested in learning more about the benefits of working as a traveling healthcare professional, contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing today.