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First-Timer’s Guide to Finding a Travel Nursing Job

shutterstock_206010211First-Timer’s Guide to Finding a Travel Nursing Agency

If you’ve never worked as a travel nurse before, you may be unsure exactly how to get started on your job search.

The first thing to do is find a good travel nursing agency. They can help you with just about everything you need to do to find a job. They can locate the kind of job you want at your desired location, help you to prepare for your interview and help you with your move, among other things.

How to Find a Great Agency

There are several things to look for in a good travel agency. The first is the website. If the website is not up to par, the agency probably isn’t either. The site should be professional looking with quality writing and graphics.

How long has the agency been around? If it has been operating for a long time, the people there are most likely experienced at what they do and the agency probably has built up a large network of employers to work with.

The site should also have many jobs listed, as well as a variety of jobs. It should have testimonials from clients about their experiences with the company.

Look to see what kind of record the company has in finding jobs for people. Were the people satisfied in the jobs they had?

Check with people you know in your professional field. What agencies would they recommend? Good agencies have built up a solid reputation in the healthcare community.

Tips for Working With a Recruiter

This may be your first time talking to a recruiter as well. Take time to find out about the person. How long has she been in the business? What kind of track record does she have in placing people?

Talk to her about the placement process. Find out what is involved and what you will be doing. Talk to people you know in healthcare to see what kind of reputation the recruiter has.

When you talk to a recruiter, be open and honest about your background. She cannot help you if she doesn’t know everything she needs to about your history. Give her as complete a rundown as you can, even about things you would rather not divulge, such as gaps in work history or layoffs.

You can also use your recruiter as a sounding board. She is someone who has first-hand knowledge about potential employers. She can tell you what it’s like to work at a certain place and whether it would be a good match with your personality and background.

How to Become a Travel Nurse

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