What Our Happy Explorers are Saying

Sue LaCkore is truly a wonderful experience guide. She took the time to get to know me and made my last MedPro experience box very personalized. I was truly humbled in receiving it. It had a very nice Miami Hurricane throw which told me she knew I was a big Hurricane fan and also liked to lounge around with a nice warm blanket on my days off. It also had a very nice Tumblr that said “dog mom” which also told me she knew I had a dog that I’m very attached to. That made me proud in being part of the MedPro family.

Jessica, Nurse

Sue is a special lady. When my mom passed away, she was very thoughtful and sweet to send in my “midterm” package, a necklace to remember mom. She and Erika work wonderfully together.

Phyllis, Nurse

An amazing perk unique to MedPro. I enjoyed the surprise gifts. And have already bragged to my traveling friends. Proves that it doesn’t take much to make me feel special.

Barbara, Nurse

The gifts you sent me were warm and thoughtful. I felt like she (Sue) really made them personal toward me which I appreciated very much. Her gifts have definitely made a better impression of my MedPro Experience thus far

Kristin, Medical Laboratory Technician