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6 Event-Finder Apps to Use While on Assignment

  1. Eventbrite
    Designed for an iOS or Android phone, this app is modeled after the website of the same name. Eventbrite allows you to locate events worldwide, access maps and directions, and—after you buy tickets—check into events using a QR code on your phone. Eventbrite is your one-stop-shop for fun!
  1. Events Finder
    Similar to Eventbrite, this app is designed specifically for iOS. Events Finder is like a travel book for your smart phone, providing information about anything and everything happening in your specified locale. Learn about concert, fairs and festivals, performing arts, educational and political events, sports games, movies, wine tastings and more.
  1. Like a Local
    Feel like straying far from the beaten path?You might want to download the free app Like a Local. This app helps you uncover hidden hot spots recommended by local editors. Don’t stand out as a tourist: see the parts of the city that only locals know about!
  1. LocalMind
    Also powered by the local population, LocalMind allows you to poll area residents for information about events, such as price, crowd size or anything else you’d like to know. This handy app can help you determine what’s cool and what might not be worth your time, based on the opinions of those “in the know.
  1. Gravy
    Feel like being social in a loud rock club? Or maybe you’d prefer a good poetry reading? Gravy allows you to search for events in your area based on your mood. Activities are listed by categories such as lively, classy, brainy or mellow.
  1. SongKick
    Are you a musical superfan? SongKick is a concert app that allows you to keep up with your favorite bands while you’re on assignment. The magic of this app is that it syncs with your MP3 library and makes suggestions based on the artists you like best. For concerts featuring classical music, pop, rock, reggae and everything in between, SongKick has you covered!

No fair complaining that you’re bored!

Maximize your free time on assignment this summer by downloading one (or all) of these handy event-finder apps for your smart phone! You’ll be able to find an activity faster than you can say, “What is there to do around here?”

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