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Increased Enrollment in RN-to-BSN Programs Rise: What This Means for Travelers

Increasingly, employers are choosing nurses who hold Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees over those who do not. In response, many RNs who hold traditional hospital-based diplomas are opting for RN-to-BSN programs to complete their Bachelor of Science degrees.


  • Enrollment in entry-level nursing programs is slowing, increasing by only 2.6 percent from 2012 to 2013. (the smallest increase in 5 years)
  • The number of students enrolled in RN to BSN programs, increased by 12.4 percent last year.
  • Practicing nurses are returning to school in to make themselves more marketable to demanding employers.

Impact on the Nursing Profession.

Nurses are the front line in health care, frequently the first professional that a patient will encounter.  As healthcare grows increasingly complex and medicine advances, nurses are expected to take on greater responsibility for patient care.

A BSN educated nurse may be trusted with creating and implementing treatment plans, supervising nursing and other staff and educating patients and their families. A BSN degree gives greater career flexibility to both nurses and the facilities that employ them.

Meaning for Travel Nurses.

Travel nurses with a BSN can work virtually anywhere. With the science based education and strong patient care skills, many assignment options are available.

As care increasing moves from hospitals to clinics, nursing homes and urgent care centers, nurses are relied upon to have the education and experience to make health care decisions for their patients.

For travel nurses who don’t have a BSN yet or not interested in getting one, there are still a lot of assignment options.  As BSN degreed nurses move into management or other roles of higher responsibility, they leave open positions nationwide that can easily be filled by highly skilled travel RNs.

If you’re an RN or with or without a BSN and  at least one or two years of recent professional experience and are interested in travel nursing, contact a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter. We’d be happy to  discuss patient care options at facilities nationwide. We look forward to hearing from you.