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Eight In-Demand Skills for Travel Nurses in 2017

International-NursesIf you are searching for work as a travel nurse and have the skills that healthcare organizations are looking for, you can stand out from the crowd. These in-demand skills will give you the edge in the job market.

Knowing a second language

Being bilingual is a job-enhancing skill in any profession. It is important in healthcare because of the diverse population of patients that healthcare practitioners serve, especially Spanish-speaking patients.

Computer skills, especially knowledge about electronic health records.

As a travel nurse, if you are able to quickly get up to speed with the electronic record system and are familiar with different types of systems, you will have an advantage.

Quality assurance knowledge.

Quality assurance knowledge generally refers to awareness of the standards and procedures of hospital accrediting agencies – the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Leadership skills.

Good leaders have many skills, but some of the most important are the abilities to inspire and motivate others, the ability to work with others, integrity and honesty, a high level of drive, energy and perseverance, the ability to get things done and the ability to innovate.

Critical-thinking skills.

Critical-thinking skills involve the capacity to solve problems and analyze issues.


About 90 percent of nurse managers said they would hire a certified nurse over one who is not certified, all other things being equal, according to the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The reason for this is that certification proves a nurse has a knowledge base in a given specialty.

Communication skills.

Healthcare professionals often work in teams, so the ability to work with others and express yourself well are skills that healthcare organizations are looking for.


Healthcare organizations are looking for people who are adaptable, willing to work different shifts and be on call.

Travel Nursing Employment Agencies

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