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Returning to Normal and Restoring Our Planet for Earth Day, 2021

A special celebration is coming, courtesy of Earth Day, which will begin on April 20 and culminate on the actual Earth Day, which is annually observed on April 22.

This year’s theme is ‘Restore the Earth’, as world leaders are calling for prevention of future climate change-related disasters and other environmental incidents brought on by our carbon footprints.

The three-day plan kicks off on Tuesday, April 20, with a climate summit, helmed by Earth Uprising, and featuring climate activists and influencers, as well as musical performances. The event will dissect climate and environmental issues plaguing society and our justice systems, as well as issues of pollution, COVID-19, and racial injustices as well.

On Wednesday, April 21, Educational International will lead a global education summit called, ‘Teach for the Planet’. The platform will be available in numerous languages and be covered to accommodate all time zones and across every continent as well. Overall, it will preach the importance of transformative climate education and planning for the future.

The event will end on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, with a global summit airing on EarthDay.Org, a digital event which will begin at noon (ET). It will include workshops, panels, and performances, while highlighting emerging green technologies, climate restoration, regenerative agriculture, reforestation, and many other pressing topics.

A Few Ways to Make an Impact for Earth Day (and Every Day)

Take Action: This one will require dedication. You can create your own act of green, go plastic free, plant a forest, try switching to a plant-based diet, pledge to vote on matters that affect the Earth or take civic action as well, like becoming an advocate or making a pledge to support the cause.

Volunteer: There are usually cleanups, whether you live near a body of water, that you can register for each weekend and they are always free! You can donate your time and also register or create your own event too!

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