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Don’t Be Scared When Applying to Jobs this Halloween

Halloween is near! This holiday used to be a lot scarier than it is today. Celebrants of all ages enjoy dressing up in costumes, going to parties, eating lots of candy and, particularly if under the age of 14 or so, ringing neighbors’ doorbells with bags outstretched, waiting for candy bars to fall in.

In fact, this time of year also is a great time to apply for healthcare travel positions.

Read below for a few reasons why.

  • Unlike January 1 (the official start of a new year), many people look at fall as the real beginning of a new year. A new school year has started. People have returned from vacations well rested, brimming with new ideas as to how to make things better for patients and their department’s workers. In other words, people have more vim, vigor and pep in their step.
  • The fall colors are gorgeous as leaves turn red, orange and yellow. The air is crisper at this time of year. It’s brisk and bracing, making it much easier to get into an “I’m-going-to-make-things-happen” frame of mind. If you want to be a go-getter when it comes to getting travel positions, fall is the season to do so because it’s a) not frigid as in winter, b) isn’t muddy as in spring, or c) isn’t hot and humid as in summer. Fall is for doing, and your fall mission is to get a job!
  • Companies are in hiring mode in fall, at least before the Thanksgiving-through-Christmas lull. Many want to spend their hiring budgets before the end of year, so they’re looking to bring on full-time as well as part-time staff (travelers).
  • Companies tend to put off hiring in the summer because many of the people they need to onboard new employees are on vacation. So they wait until hiring managers are back in the office – in the fall – to make a big hiring push.
  • net reported in 2011 that 65 percent of employers planned to recruit in the fall, while only 35 percent reported that they planned to recruit in the spring.

Healthcare travel recruiters are like most other recruiters in that we’re back from vacation and raring to go, as are our client companies. They need travelers to fill critical staff shortages, shortages that can happen at any time of the year due to unforeseen increases in patient loads.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work as a traveling healthcare professional, contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you.