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Didn’t Get the Assignment You Wanted? Here Are a Few Possible Reasons Why

Sometimes there’s a travel assignment that just speaks to you. It appears on your travel staffing service’s website and its description shows that it requires someone with just your skills, just your background – and it’s in a location that’s just perfect for you.

So you let your staffing manager know you’d like to take this one on. But your staffing manager gives the assignment to someone else. You’re crestfallen and you ask your recruiter why you didn’t get the assignment.

Here are five reasons the recruiter may have decided to give the assignment to another traveler.

  1. Recruiters get to know their clients pretty well. The recruiter may have had “inside” knowledge about the assignment, as well as the facility/department it’s in, including information about the personalities of the people you’d be working for. So your staffing manager may have thought that someone else may have been a better fit for the assignment.
  2. Because of that inside knowledge, the recruiter might have known that this particular hospital or medical facility often extends its assignments far beyond the stated length of the assignment. Because you told the recruiter that you needed to take a break from working in July, for example, the assignment may have gone to someone else because the recruiter knew you couldn’t extend your assignment time.
  3. Be honest with yourself: have you flaked out on the recruiter before? Did the recruiter find out that you really didn’t have a family emergency at your last assignment that necessitated that you leave early? Or did you accept an assignment and then say you couldn’t do it because another travel service had a “better” one for you? The recruiter may have given the plumb assignment to someone else because the recruiter doesn’t trust you. Word gets around in the travel healthcare sector. Once you prove yourself to be untrustworthy, it can be a very long road to recovery in your recruiter’s eyes. If your recruiter is honest with you and says he or she has lost faith in you, consider this information a gift and work hard to become more trustworthy.
  4. Recruiters will reward trusted travelers for taking on less-than-stellar assignments with the better assignments next time. That may have happened here: another traveler has proven his or her reliability and also expressed interest in the assignment. The recruiter awarded it to him/her because of the traveler’s previous work.
  5. Finally, there can be many reasons why you don’t get the assignment you want. And most of the time, the reasons have nothing to do with you. In fact, the main reason travelers don’t get the assignment they want is because the client company cancels it.

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