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MedPro Healthcare Staffing Releases White Paper on Immigration and Healthcare Employment

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Sunrise, June 22, 2015 – MedPro Healthcare Staffing, the leading provider of temporary and contract staffing services to healthcare facilities, today announced the release of the white paper entitled “Crossroads – The Future of Immigration and Healthcare Employment in the Baby Boom Generation” that highlights the vital role that immigrants play in the healthcare workforce.

As demand for healthcare professionals continues to increase, more and more healthcare

Download here
Download here

employers find themselves dealing with candidates for positions as nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

By 2029, the majority of the Baby Boomers will be aged 65 and over. When that happens, the percentage of Baby Boomers will increase, as will their medical needs. On the other hand, the Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr) projects that the shortage of registered nurses will worsen over the next twenty years, with a shortage of 800,000 nurses projected by 2020.

“Crossroads” explores the rising healthcare needs of aging Baby Boomers and current issues in immigration for healthcare professionals. It examines the causes of the current healthcare professionals’ shortage, the impact of the Affordable Care Act, the regulatory climate under recent administrations and consequences to the general public.

“My concern is for people to understand the realities and consequences of the current environment and to inspire them to envision a better future.” said Michael Le Monier, CEO of MedPro Healthcare Staffing, President of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruiters and author of the “Crossroads”.

The paper provides a series of recommendations for streamlining legal immigration and encouraging the government to act proactively. According to Le Monier, “the tools to do what we need are at our disposal. What has to change is our thinking. Legal immigration is not only desirable, but also essential to our future.”

“Crossroads – The future of immigration and healthcare employment in the Baby Boom Generation” can be downloaded for free at or download Crossroads directly here.

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