Crisis Positions in Miami

COVID-19 Crisis Positions in Miami

THANK YOU for your interest in providing crucially needed help in Miami during this healthcare crisis.

Miami Current Crisis Rate Pay Packages
Weekly Gross Pay*
Specialty36 hrs48 Hrs60 Hrs
* MedPro believes in full transparency, which is why we present pay packages this way. Weekly gross pay includes tax. Above pay packages subject to change.

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Text: Crisis to 40458
Call: 800.886.8108

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What you can expect

A MedPro recruitment professional will contact you within 2 hours of receipt of your documents (during regular business hours, 12 hours after regular business hours).

* As a healthcare community, we are all concerned about the increasing spread of COVID-19. If you are exposed to COVID-19 as a result of work on your MedPro assignment and are required to quarantine, we will keep you financially whole. We will pay your guaranteed hourly wages, meal stipends, and lodging stipends while you are away from home, pending return to work for up to 14 days.