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Conquering Potential Doubts of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination

Obtaining a vaccination can be scary. Having questions, even a hesitancy, is more than alright. These are terrifying times, so no one is going to fault you for initial skepticism of the vaccines, but that does not change the fact that when it is your turn, you need the shot, not just for you, but for the general population as well. Reluctancy will almost certainly a much-needed solution to the pandemic.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also issued new guidelines for existing in public after you receive the vaccine. That said, below are just a few questions of concern, as well as responses to hopefully put you at ease in being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Ins-and-Outs: COVID-19 Vaccination Q&A

  1. Was the creation of the vaccination too fast? Maybe. However, the S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved emergency use considering the climate of the pandemic. Plus, there has been a successful in clinical trials as well. In manufacturing the vaccine, while simultaneously conducting trials, made for the cocktail to be readily deployable upon approval.
  2. What actually is in the vaccination? Both Moderna and Pfizer are two of the more popular vaccines currently authorized for distribution. The two companies’ ingredients include messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), which is coated in a fatty lipid for protection, which is also why it must be kept at freezing temperatures, because it will melt at room temp. The mRNA essentially lights a fire in your immune system and structures itself to defend your body against invading virus cells. The concoction also includes sugars, like sucrose, and salts, like potassium and sodium chlorides, to help your body balance the acidity.
  3. Could I have an allergic reaction to the vaccination? Although there is a slight chance the vaccine could trigger allergies, it is also extremely rare. In fact, per one million vaccines given, only 11 people had an allergic reaction. It is recommended, however, to consult a physician before garnering a shot to better ensure a successful vaccination.
  4. Are there any potential side effects in getting the vaccination? This is a highly unlikely scenario. You are more likely to develop a ‘local reaction’ instead, which can include a fever or soreness.
  5. Will a vaccination cause a birth defect in my unborn child? No. Studies have resulted in proving the vaccines do not cause birth-related defects or autism. Additionally, it is important for pregnant women to get a shot because of the high risk in developing illness from COVID-19.

Check out the new ad campaign, courtesy of the CDC, for more information about getting vaccinated.

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