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How to Cope When Your Assignment Won’t Allow You to Go Home for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy and good cheer—but can be stressful if you’re away from home on assignment. If you’ve accepted a travel nurse placement in the fall, it’s likely you’ll be away from loved ones over the holiday season.

Seven ways to cope while away during the holidays

Rather than letting yourself feel down, you can embrace the meaning of the season and plan to make the very best of it. Try any of the following:

  1. Skype/FaceTime with your family. Ah, technology! It allows for contact that’s more than chatting over the phone. You can see the smiling faces of your loved ones by using these handy apps.
  2. Create your own holiday-themed meals. Being on your own during an assignment affords you the privilege of choosing your own adventure—and that includes in the kitchen. Does your Great Aunt make a holiday dish you really don’t like? Or maybe you have a favorite that you never get around to making? Well, this year, your meal is up to you! The sky’s the limit during your travel nurse placement.
  3. Make plans to be home for the next major holiday. The beauty of travel nursing is it allows you to be flexible. So you’re able to accept as many or as few assignments as you like. If you’re feeling down about being away from home for the holidays, just accept an assignment in your home town (or close to it) for the next major holiday.
  4. Spend time with other travelers who can’t get away. Ask around at your placement—you may not be alone. Find other travel nurses in the same situation and make plans to prepare a holiday meal together, or just skip the dishes and go out on the town!
  5. Take in the local sights. Every town and city has its own holiday traditions, whether these includes tree lighting ceremonies, holiday festivals, food or wine events, concerts, shopping extravaganzas, and more. Ask around or check the internet for upcoming events, and make plans to go.
  6. Enjoy the climate. Are you from a climate with four seasons and lament the cold weather? Many travel nurses accept assignments in warm climates during the holidays for this very reason. So during this time away, you can revel in spending the season at the beach (rather than having to don a winter jacket!).
  7. Spread holiday joy at your facility. Part of what makes the holidays special is spreading love and compassion to those around you. So get into the reason for the season and decorate your unit with your fellow nurses, then spread holiday joy to your patients.

Smile—and have a holly, jolly holiday!

The holidays are what you make of them. So smile, decorate, bake, Skype, cook, sightsee, socialize—do whatever you need to do to have the happiest of holiday seasons on assignment.

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