Considering a Job in Urgent Care?

Healthcare careers are constantly evolving, and one of the latest trends to emerge is landing talented nurses and healthcare professionals in urgent care centers. Popping up in most towns across the country, urgent care centers market themselves as alternatives to busy emergency rooms for patients looking for quick treatment (many advertise treatment in an hour or less).

Are urgent care centers a good career move?

Urgent care centers can offer some unique advantages to traditional hospital employment, like:

Shorter hours. Although some urgent care centers are open 24 hours, many are open until 9 or 10 at night. These set hours can offer healthcare professionals an opportunity to hold a more steady, stable schedule than working in an emergency room. For healthcare professionals used to working 16-hour overnight shifts, the change can have a dramatic effect on your day-to-day life!

Less crowding. Many emergency rooms can be overcrowded, stressful areas. Dealing with high-risk cases and life-threatening illness is stressful enough, then when you have days where every bed is filled, the waiting room is full, and patients are yelling and demanding care, it can seem like stress overload. Urgent care centers are typically less crowded (seeing an average of approximately 340 patients per week, or under 50 per day, and have a more manageable patient load than an ER.

Quick turnaround. Most patients who come to an urgent care clinic have minor injuries – UTIs, cuts, broken bones, etcetera. With most necessary equipment on-site, and fewer patients (see #2), patients are often in and out of urgent care centers within an hour, causing a less-stressful working environment.

Learning opportunities. Are you a young medical professional considering either primary care or emergency medicine? Working in an urgent care center can provide you with a great chance to experience “middle ground,” an emergency-like environment with the atmosphere of a private practice.

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