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RN? Why You Should Consider a Career in Travel

If you’re an RN and if you’ve even just thought about becoming a traveler…

…What are you waiting for!!!

Yes, as a healthcare travel staffing firm, we may be a tad biased about how great this career can be for a nurse, yet we truly feel that work as a traveler is the best career option for nurses by far.

Why do we think so? Let us just count the ways:

  1. You’ll be working in hospitals and medical offices that are desperate for your help. Healthcare organizations call upon us to bring them temporary employees for short assignments (average travel assignment is 13 weeks) because they have an absolutely critical need. Absolutely critical. You can go to bed each night knowing that you’ve truly been of use to the medical facility’s patients.
  2. You can make more money than your stay-in-one-place colleagues. It’s definitely possible to earn about 20 percent more as a travel nurse. Between your higher per diem rates, referral and loyalty bonuses, housing and travel stipends, and more, travel nurses can see a big increase in their incomes.
  3. You’ll learn new skills and techniques. Moving from assignment to assignment means that you’ll come across “new” ways of doing things and new equipment. You’ll learn new procedures and processes; you’ll get experience on old as well as state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll definitely be continually learning as a travel nurse.
  4. Help with CE and certification costs. Many travel staffing firms help their travelers when it comes to paying for continuing education and certification classes. Many firms also help travelers acquire licensing for the different states where they’ll be working.
  5. Travelers are known to be flexible, adaptable and smart. Having some experience as a traveler looks very good to employers when they see it on your CV/resume.
  6. You’ll make new friends – some of them very good friends – all over the country.
  7. Many travelers take their family or spouse with them as they travel. Imagine what a great experience it would be for your children to visit – and live in for a short while – different cities and regions of the country!
  8. You also have greater flexibility in your schedule. If you want to take a few weeks off between assignments, you can (just let your recruiter/staffing manager know of this before you accept another assignment). If you want to work travel assignments in just one area, you can. If you want to work assignments that are just a couple hours away from home (so that you can return home on your days off), you can.
  9. And – drumroll – possibly the absolute BEST reason to work as a traveling RN is the… travel! You can work assignments across the country and see cities and areas you never have before. You can get to know this country’s people and places as few people can – as someone who lives in different areas for weeks at a time.

If you’re interested in an RN travel position and have at least two years of recent experience, contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We’re happy to answer any and all questions/concerns you may have about a career as a healthcare traveler. We look forward to hearing from you!