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Companies That are Reshaping the Healthcare Industry, COVID-19 and Beyond (Part 3)

To date, there are roughly 17 million cases of people having contracted COVID-19 in the U.S., including the unfortunate deaths of over 300,000. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, as a vaccine is currently in development, but there are numerous companies that are also preparing their tech items to better serve us in both getting through the current pandemic and preparing us better for possible ones in the future. The final addition to the series zeroes in on, Tresata.

Tresata launched with the belief that power to transform life exists in the data. The automation software company has realized concepts like, data assets, data factories and augmented intelligence and automated intelligence.

Predicting spread: This initiative resulted in the development of an active transmission prediction application, COVID Active Transmission (COAT), which ultimately would predict where the virus was headed and designate them as potential ‘hotspots’, on a county-by-county basis, all across the United States. The company made it readily available to healthcare providers, as well as first responders and governmental agencies, at no cost. The software, as well as its algorithms and integrations were all free, included unlimited data.

Predicting Recovery: This plan followed the launch of the predictive COAT app, which focused on potential and emerging pandemic hotspots, but rather acted as a measuring tool and provided healthcare organizations, non-profits and government agencies with augmented intelligence to predict areas as ‘cold spots’, where opening up could once again be possible. The main metric in this step was the Tresata Recovery Index (TRI), which determined the rate the virus was slowing in some counties.

Predicting Virality: This step rounded out the three-part series in combining the areas susceptible to being designated as a hotspot and those that could possibly be an area which could soon open. Utilizing the metrics found in the two previous studies, this step searched for signals or ‘real-time’ infection potential, to better determine when areas could begin to open once again.

All these efforts, especially in allowing the healthcare industry to utilize their tech and metrics data, surely has served as a vital tool for frontline essential workers. Our MedPro registered nurses and allied professionals are currently putting their lives on the line in providing care for patients and it’s certainly nice to know that companies like Tresata has their backs!

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