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Companies That are Reshaping the Healthcare Industry, COVID-19 and Beyond (Part 2)

To date, there are roughly 8.38 million cases of people having contracted the Coronavirus in the U.S., including the unfortunate deaths of 222,000. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, as a vaccine is currently in development, but there are numerous companies that are also preparing their tech items to better serve us in both getting through the current pandemic and preparing us better for possible ones in the future. The next installment in this series spotlights, Ava.

Ava produces multi-sensory bracelets which specialize in fertility tracking, equipped with an accelerometer, which reads movements during sleep stages, and a photoplethysmography, which captures heart, breathing and pulse rates and even skin perfusion. It measures temperature in real time. In all, the bracelets collect data over 25 times-per-second while the user is sleeping. In fact, Ava Bracelets have helped nearly 45,000 couples get pregnant.

Considering all of its capabilities, it only made sense that Ava rolled over its tech to have COVID-19 tracking abilities as well. In conjunction with its accompanying app, the bracelet was modified to track breathing rate, pulse and heart rates, skin temperature and perfusion too. Since the most-common symptoms of the novel Coronavirus are fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, Ava’s tech was an ideal tool in helping users stay healthy. If someone has a fever, their body temp and pulse rate increases. In turn, shortness of breath can be measured. The early signs of the virus are then able to be monitored and, hopefully, will prompt patients to see a physician immediately.

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