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Companies That are Reshaping the Healthcare Industry, COVID-19 and Beyond (Part 1)

To date, there are roughly 7.8 million cases of people having contracted the Coronavirus in the U.S., including the unfortunate deaths of 215,000. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, as a vaccine is currently in development, but there are also numerous companies that are gearing their technology to better serve us in both getting through the current pandemic and preparing us better for possible viruses in the future. This three-part series will highlight some of them, beginning with Oura.

This company specializes in advanced tech to track your pulse, temperature, sleep habits and movements, all while delivering holistic views of your health. Their wearable (and fashionable) smart rings include advanced sensors, to garner the most-precise measurements. In fact, its extended battery life guarantee only requires a single one-hour charge, which gives devices functionality for up to seven days. The rings interpret your daily health and, per an accompanying app, phases it out across three-different scores: sleep, readiness and activity. The metrics are then monitored and delivered in assessing a ‘risk score’, which is crafted from readings obtained from the arteries in your fingers.

The 2019-20 NBA shortened season recently crowned a champion, but inside the ‘bubble’ at the Walt Disney Wide World of Sports, over the course of 30 days, the league did not see a single COVID-19 case. Initiatives put in place by the league executives included having purchased 1,000 rings, which were modified specifically to read vitals while players arrived to play and before they departed the arena. These specialized rings, retailing at $300 each, monitored sleep, performance, body temperature, heart and breathing rates, as well as was able to uncover any potential signs of illness.

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