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Combining Medicine and Technology While on Assignment

As medical technology becomes more sophisticated, patient care also becomes more effective.

Take, as just one example, the electronic medical record (the EMR). The EMR allows health professionals to get access to patients’ medical information quickly and easily. It helps lessen the chance of medical errors, helps patients monitor their own records and helps both patient and healthcare professional make better medical and/or healthcare decisions.

Continue reading below for other medical technology tools that help healthcare professionals – whether travelers or not – streamline their work and make it more effective.

  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) also are making travelers’ lives easier. But we’re not necessarily talking about smartphones or tablets. Instead, we’re referring to the on-the-job PDAs available today that let healthcare providers enter patient info at bedside and upload it later into a laptop or other personal computer. No more having to carry patient files from room to room, no more need to heft heavy policy and procedure manuals, no use for index cards with which to jot down patient information and then place in a pocket. Everything goes in one place.
  • Nurses, PAs, pharmacists and others who deal with patient medications undoubtedly are familiar with computerized drug management technology. This is software that lessens the chance a patient will receive the wrong drug, or receive two drugs that shouldn’t be delivered together.
  • Portable defibrillators work only when needed and they won’t work unless applied properly, thus helping reduce mistakes with their use.

Your own technology (the aforementioned smartphone and tablet) also can help you manage your traveling healthcare career.

  • A smartphone or tablet allows you to watch a video discussing a new finding or procedure at any time.
  • Calendar and reminder apps help you keep track of where you’ll be when and if this will interfere with a pre-arranged family gathering or event.
  • Keep a copy of your resume on your tablet while on assignment and, in your off hours, if you see an assignment that appeals to you, you can send your CV/resume out immediately to the travel staffing service.

If you’re a traveler, how have you used medical technology as well as your personal technology tools and apps to make your life on assignment easier?

Are you an OT, PT, speech therapist, nurse, pharmacist, or other allied healthcare professional interested in learning more about a career as a healthcare traveler? Then send your resume/CV to the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you.