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Start Off on the Right Foot: Your First-Day Checklist for a New Assignment

Congratulations on your job placement! Starting a new job can be both exciting and stressful as you get used to all that is new to you—coworkers, facility, job requirements, and, if you travel for work, a new city. To ease yourself into a comfortable routine, it can help to have a to-do list for your new job.

Your First-Day Checklist

Deliver your very best as you begin your new job! Use this list as a guide for all the things you’ll need to do for a smooth, seamless first day.

To prepare for your first day, check with your recruiter or the facility about the following:

  1. The facility location. Map out your route beforehand by using an online mapping program. If you can, take a “test run” a day or so ahead of time to get a good feel for how long your commute takes. You can also rely on a GPS tool or your smartphone to help you find your way.
  2. All necessary paperwork. Make sure you bring everything you’ll need to get started. This may include photo identification, licensure, a vaccination record and other job-related documents.
  3. Your supervisor’s name and phone number. When you arrive for the day, you may need to let the front desk know to whom you’ll be reporting. Also, have your supervisor’s phone number handy just in case you run into any issues (traffic or otherwise) arriving on time.
  4. Parking. If you’ll be working at a hospital, you’ll need to know where the employee lot is and how much it costs to park there, or if you’ll need a pass or parking permit.
  5. The dress code. Find out how the healthcare team dresses and if you’ll need scrubs or a lab coat, depending on your position. Ask if you’ll need to purchase your own scrubs or if they’ll be provided.

On your first day, work with your supervisor to complete the following:

  1. All facility paperwork. This will include your employee handbook, ID card or anything else your supervisor provides you with. Review everything to help familiarize yourself with your new job.
  2. How to log your hours. Will you need to punch in, sign in or report your hours in another way?
  3. Break time policies. What are the rules about when and where you take your lunch and other breaks?
  4. On-site services. Is there a cafeteria, vending machines, laundry service or workout facility? This is helpful information to know as you begin to build your weekly routine.
  5. Your new team. Make an effort to meet your coworkers. To get acquainted, try to schedule lunch with one or several of them during your first week.

When you’re prepared, it will be easier to sail smoothly through your transition to a new assignment. Follow these steps to ease yourself into your new job. Good luck!

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