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Continuing Education for Travel Therapists and Nurses

Advance Your Education While Traveling

As a travel healthcare professional, you have an opportunity to gain unique experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Whether you are a traveling nurse or therapist, you may be seeking additional ways to continue your education while on assignment. MedPro is here to help!

Following are some online resources to help you gain additional education while traveling:

For nurses: NurseCEU is a directory of online continuing education (CE) courses for RNs, LVNs, LPNs, nurse practitioners, critical care nurses and other healthcare professionals. Always check the provider’s website for accreditation, terms, and conditions of service.

NurseTesting. NurseTesting was developed to create a standardized system of testing for nurses and health care professionals seeking employment at health care facilities and staffing agencies. NurseTesting caters to the nursing industry in proficiency testing, and is continually adding clinical specialties. provides online courses for continuing education of nurses and other healthcare professionals. is a valuable resource containing Continuing Education (CE) coursework, self-study courses, state certificate courses and more.

For therapists: is an extensive site that includes Continuing Education resources, rehabilitation products, an informative forum, and many others.

How to Become a Physical Therapist.  This site links to the top online physical therapy degree and certificate programs. Contact information and other essential tools are also available on this site.

PhysioTools. PhysioTools produces exercise software for rehabilitation and training professionals who need to create personal exercise and information handouts for their clients, including by print, email and high quality videos. Their software is easy to use, saves time and gives access to the world’s largest library of professional exercises by leading specialists.

And, if you’re looking for more great resources please be sure to visit MedPro’s healthcare professional resources webpage.  We offer even more great professional resources there!

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