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Advancement Opportunities in Travel Healthcare

No matter if you work as a traveling nurse, OT, PT, speech therapist, pharmacist, or other traveling healthcare professional, you’re going to learn new skills, therapies and technologies that you never would have learned on the job if you stayed with one facility as a full-time employee. That’s just one reason why working as a traveling healthcare professional can be so good for your career.

What are some other ways you can grow in your travel career? Read below for some suggestions on where your work as a healthcare traveler can take you.

Naturally, your first thought might be that you’ll use your traveling career as a springboard to a promotion in a full-time position at a hospital or other medical facility. This definitely could be the case for you, due to the fact that healthcare travelers learn how to deal with all manner of people, move gracefully through facility “office politics,” grow their flexibility “muscles” and their ability to embrace change. Plus, as mentioned above, your skills will increase exponentially.

Many experienced travelers can become mentors, or even trainers, to other travelers while on assignment. Many facilities need several travelers at the same time in the same departments; so if you’re interested in mentoring other professionals, speak to your staffing supervisor about being placed on assignments where there will be plenty of other travelers. You’ll probably be supervising/mentoring in an informal capacity, at first. But keep talking to your staffing supervisor; traveling leadership opportunities while on assignment – as well as higher pay – do come up.

You also could speak to your staffing company about training/mentoring new travelers before they head out on assignment. You could do this between your own assignments. You could hold seminars and workshops on how to succeed as a traveler at the staffing service’s office, or you could hold these seminars remotely via video conference technologies.

And don’t forget working as a travel staffing recruiter yourself! Our industry is growing, and experienced healthcare professionals who have “been there, done that” would make a great addition to any travel staffing service’s team.

If you’ve been working as a healthcare professional for at least two years and are interested in learning more about how working as a traveler can advance your career, contact a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter today!