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Career Advancement Opportunities for Bilingual Medical Professionals.

In an era of globalization, speaking a second language is a skill many employers value. And healthcare employers are no exception. In fact, healthcare is one of the industries most in need of bilingual staff.

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Giving the Best Care

Many medical centers and practices service patients for whom English is a second language. In order to provide adequate care, it is essential to have someone who is able to speak to the patient in his native tongue. There are many areas where errors can easily be made without adequate translation for the patient – when providers are giving instructions for how to take medication, talking to family members, taking medical history, giving information about a diagnosis, or in the emergency room, where immediate care is vital.

Without someone who is knowledgeable about medical standards and terminology, there is a real chance of an error being made, which could have dire consequences for the patient.

Not only that, but when a patient with limited English proficiency is able to talk with someone in his native language, he feels more at ease and is more apt to be cooperative, rather than adversarial.

The same is true for follow-up care. Giving the patient instructions during recovery that he can readily understand could mean the difference between a smooth and easy recuperation and one with problems. In addition, fluency in the patient’s native language would also help in dealing with financial issues and social issues, as well as handling patient complaints.

Bilingual Speakers in Demand  

Because of these factors, there is a huge need for bilingual speakers in healthcare, everything from nurse practitioners to translators. Home healthcare aides who are bilingual are also highly sought after. At some places, just having an associate degree or even a certificate in medical translation is enough to get a job.

It is easy to see how fluency in a second language can be of great benefit to your medical career. If you have the language skills, you become a more attractive job candidate, as well as having more power when negotiating for things like salary, benefits and the like.

Moreover, if you are someone who is interested in a travel healthcare job, it could enable you to land a job just about anywhere you want, especially if you are interested in working in states with higher populations of foreign language speakers, such as California or Florida.

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