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Buying Your “Home Away From Home”

Many traveling healthcare professionals have decided that they never want to “leave home” when they go on assignment – so they take it with them in the form of a recreational vehicle (RV).

This has many positives, of course, especially if you travel with children: Your family can easily travel with you wherever your assignments take you. Also, traveling in an RV gives you incredible flexibility as to the assignments you accept: You’re not limited to options in a certain area or region. In addition, you’ll still receive a housing stipend. This can go a long way to offsetting the costs of renting or owning the RV.

So what should you look for in an RV if you decide to rent/buy one for your assignment accommodations? Read below for some tips.

Perhaps the first thing you need to do is to think about is who will be staying in the RV with you? Will you be by yourself, with a friend or spouse, or will you be bringing your children with you? Obviously, the more people, the larger vehicle you’ll need.

But the layout of the RV is important too, especially if you have children. Is the kitchen table/dinette large enough to do homework on or watch videos? Can everyone sit around the table comfortably? Some experienced RV travelers recommend that you make sure the RV’s layout provides a clear path from the front to where the sleeping quarters are. And speaking of sleeping quarters, if you have children, they’ll need to know that many RVs do not have single beds – your children likely will be sleeping with a sibling.

As you shop, decide if you’ll be trailering a rig or if you’ll purchase/rent a full RV. This can be important because you’ll need to be sure that your car has enough power to pull a trailer.

If you decide to go with a self-contained, drivable RV, you’ll want to take into consideration its horsepower (especially if you’ll be traveling to locations in mountains or hilly areas). If you’re going with an RV, make sure the engine is powerful enough to also tow your car (if you’re taking one to use on short trips while on assignment). Of course, if your spouse is coming with you, he or she could drive the vehicle, making towing it unnecessary.

One more important note: If you purchase/rent a trailer, look for one with the sleeping areas in the back. This allows you to store/pack things in the trailer’s front, thereby helping balance its weight. It also makes it easier to get to the things you’ve stowed.

Are you a nurse, OT, PT, speech therapist, or other allied health professional with an itch to get on the open road? Then send your resume/CV to a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing our many travel assignments.