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Importance of Personal Branding for Travel Healthcare Pros

If you don’t “brand” yourself as a traveling healthcare professional, are you sunk when it comes to landing the best assignments?

No, but it sure can help if you’re known for being professional, responsible, highly skilled, adaptable, and having a great sense of humor – or whatever types of highly sought-after attributes for which you want to be known.

It’s these types of attributes that are your “brand.”

Whether you like it or not, the way you look, the way you perform and the way you behave on the job is your personal brand. It’s critical that you know what your brand is and how to improve it.

Read below for some tips on how to do so.

  1. Remember that your brand is how people perceive you. It’s how they talk about you when you’re not around. It’s also what you say you’re going to do and how you say it. Are you meek in your speech? Do you do as you say you will?
  2. A great personal brand benefits you in many ways. First, it differentiates you from other travelers, helping to increase your visibility and aiding you in becoming the person a traveling healthcare service staffing manager thinks of first when it comes to handing out plum assignments.
  3. Having a great brand will help you reach the professional – and even personal – goals you set for yourself because you’ll be able to choose the career options that become available to you.
  4. As you go about creating your personal brand, you’ll first need to spell out the vision you have for yourself. How do you want people to look at you? What goals do you want to reach? If you want to be seen as a leader, what attributes do you need to exhibit in order to be thought of as such?
  5. You’re then going to have to make a deliberate and mindful attempt to make the changes needed to create the personal brand you envision. Are you shy but you see yourself in a leadership role? You’ll need to make yourself uncomfortable at times and come out of your shell.
  6. Of course, not all of your branding work will be challenging. If you’re already a good listener and want to become, for example, more of a patient advocate, all you need to do is give yourself more opportunity to listen to patients!

If you’re a healthcare professional who has been considering working as a healthcare traveler in 2014, don’t hesitate to contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing.