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Bringing Your Bring Pets on Assignment?

Many people wonder if you can bring pets on a travel assignment. The answer is, yes. Most of the time. The thing is, the better question to ask is “Should I bring a pet on assignment?” The answer also is yes but with important caveats. Read below for what we mean.

Many travelers bring their children and spouses with them on assignment. And we’re happy that they do. Truly. But there are “problems” with that and they all fall in your lap to resolve: Who will take care of them, where will you and they live, is it just too much hassle?

So let’s discuss this in relation to a pet.

Travel staffing services almost always provide travelers with paid-for housing. This usually is a furnished one-bedroom apartment. We work to find pet-friendly accommodations but we’re not always able. Which means you’d be on your own to find housing. (We do provide a generous stipend to help you find housing on your own, whether you have pets or not.) So there’s a big annoyance factor there: Will you be able to find a place to live on your own, especially if you’ve never been to the assignment city?

Also, while we try to get you a place to stay on your own, there may be circumstances where we must house with you a housemate. The housemate may not be able to live with a pet. There may not be enough room in the apartment for a pet. And so on.

As with children, you need to consider who will take care of the pet while you’re at work. A spouse usually watches the kids in the situation where a family travels, and probably would watch the pet, as well.

But what if you’re traveling alone with the pet? Perhaps the pet can be alone for a few hours, but what happens when your shift goes long at the last minute? You’ll need to have made arrangements with someone to take care of the pet.

Again, not impossible, but certainly not easy.

We recommend that you put off traveling with a pet until you’ve some months of travel experience behind you. You’ll have a good feel for how the whole situation works and will be better able to gauge how a pet will fit – or won’t fit – into your new career as a healthcare traveler.

Do you have questions about working as a traveler? Do you wonder how hard/easy it is to travel with family and/or pets? If you have any questions at all, just give a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter a call. We’d love to discuss this great career opportunity with you. Contact us today.