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Should You Bring Your Spouse on Travel Nursing Assignments?

In short, yes! Of course, certain factors make it easier to bring your spouse along on your travel nurse assignments. But recruiters encourage it and will help you plan for having your significant other in tow during your travel nurse placements.

The perks of having someone with you

As a travel nurse, you’ve probably become accustomed to the traveling life—meeting new people and navigating new surroundings every 13 weeks or so. But your travel experience can be more fun when you bring your spouse along. You’ll gain the following:

  • Someone to share adventures with. Hike, bike, surf, swim, tour, sightsee—you name it: It’s more fun with another person! Plus, it’s a lot safer to explore with a companion, especially if you’re a thrill seeker.
  • Increased flexibility for you both. This is a soft skill not everyone has, but being on the road and constantly having to adjust to new surroundings will make you both more adaptable—and that’s a good thing! You’ll get used to meeting new people and learning your way around a new city, both of which are life skills you’ll be happy to have developed.
  • The option to visit out-of-town family. If you or your spouse has family who live out of state, you can let this guide the travel nurse destinations you choose. Then, you can spend quality time with loved ones you don’t get to see.
  • The ability to strengthen your relationship. Experiencing new places, learning new things and growing together helps build the bond between you. As you cross sights off your bucket lists, you’ll build a stronger relationship in the process.

How to make moving easier on both of you

Sure, traveling together can make your assignments more fun! But there are steps you can both take to make life on the road easier. Since you’ll be away from your spouse while you’re working, they should be able to occupy their own time. If your spouse has a work-from-home arrangement or home-based business, this is a plus. It also helps if your spouse has hobbies and interests they can engage in while you’re at work.

Work with your travel nurse recruiter

Your recruiter will help you find suitable housing for two people (and pets, if you have them). So always communicate with your recruiter as you plan your next travel nurse assignment.

Looking for your next travel nurse job?

The experts at MedPro will help you find placements you love! Your recruiter will work with you to understand your aspirations as a travel nurse and maximize your positive experiences. And because we want each assignment to be your best yet, we offer the MedPro Experience program—providing you with travel nurse tips, support and even gifts while you’re on the road. To learn more and begin your travel nurse career, contact us today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply below.

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