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January Top Job: Critical Care Nursing in Boynton Beach, Florida


Is the sound we hear that of your teeth chattering?

If you live in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Great Plains, Ohio Valley, or the Midwest, you know how cold it’s been these first few weeks of 2013.

Wouldn’t you prefer to spend the rest of your winter lounging on the beach watching the Atlantic Ocean’s tides ebb and flow?

If so (and if you realize that your days on the beach may be limited to just a couple days a week; but still…), and if you’re an experienced critical care RN, take a look at one of our 13-week Nurse On Call opportunity at a hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Now, you should know that Boynton Beach – despite its name – isn’t on a beach. But it is quite close, just across the Intracoastal Waterway from the beachfront towns of Ocean Ridge (1.25 miles to the east) and Briny Breezes (just 2.5 miles to the southeast).

Boynton Beach (known as the “Gateway to the Gulf Stream”) also is located just 23 miles south of West Palm Beach and about an hour and 15 minutes north of Miami. Walt Disney World fans will be happy to know it’s just about three hours southeast of Orlando, so a day or overnight trip to the place “Where Dreams Come True” isn’t out of the question.

Boynton Beach got its start in 1894 when Michigan resident (and Civil War major) Nathan Boynton came to the area and was so impressed by its beauty that he returned a year later with some other Michigan residents and built the Boynton Beach Hotel (which also served as his family’s home).

The settlers soon realized that the area’s fabulous weather and fertile soil were great for growing an assortment of fruits and vegetables, including pineapple, oranges, lemons, mangos, tomatoes and limes, and started growing and shipping them to colder climes.

Still, Boynton Beach stayed small and somewhat secret until after World War II, when returning GIs soon realized that the sea air and almost constant sunshine was a very healthy place to raise a young family. The community grew steadily, from about 5,000 residents in 1958 to about 68,000 in 2010. Yet, according to the website, the town “expanded wisely, retaining the charm of her orange groves, fishing marina and sandy beaches.”

Boynton Beach is an affordable town, with the median income for a family running at a bit more than $47,000 in 2000. Home prices are quite reasonable, with the average sales price of homes standing at about $138,000 in November 2012 (according to

So, whether you want to check Boynton Beach out as a possible new home town, or you’re looking to “just” escape winter in your current homestead, if you’re an experienced critical care RN, send your CV/resume to a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter today!