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Best Smartphone Apps for Day Trips While on Assignment

One of the top reasons anyone decides to work as a traveling healthcare professional is to travel – of course!

While you travel the country or the region to your different assignments, you’ll undoubtedly want to explore the area near your assignment city on your days off. How will you decide which day trips to take?

You can ask your assignment colleagues for tips on great day trips, of course. They’ll probably give you terrific information on which sites are too touristy, which are closed during a certain season of the year, which are worth the long drive, and more.

But your smartphone also can help you decide on your free-time itineraries. Read below for some mobile phone apps we’ve found that can help you find great day trips while you’re on your healthcare assignment.

Truck drivers know. They know where the best cheap eats are. They know how to get around traffic snarls on major freeways. They know. So it might be wise to download apps loved by truckers. Here are some we found that are beloved by those who fly our freeways delivering the goods that we love.

For example, GasBuddy helps you find the gas stations with the cheapest prices in any area. It’s for iOS and Android.

Want to avoid slow freeways? Waze Social is another iOS and Android app that, according to its description, is a “fun, community-based mapping, traffic & navigation app, 40 million strong.” It reports, among other things, freeway and road closures in real time.

You’re going to want to make sure the weather is amenable to your day trip. This can be particularly important if, for example, your assignment is in a spot that sees you leave a valley and travel to the mountains. If snow arrives on the mountain, will you be able to get down? Good to know if it will snow then, yes? The Weather Channel offers a free app for iOS and Android.

Do you like to take hikes? Then check out’s reviews of five hiking GPS apps for both iPhone and Android.

You’re going to want to remember your travels (tales for the grandkids someday?), and now you can place your notes and thoughts in a travel journal app called Trip Journal. The app, according to its websites “allows you to document vacation experiences and share them with your friends and family.” For iPhone and Android; the price is about 99 cents.

If you’re going on a road trip, you should make an effort to visit the quirky roadside attractions in and around your assignment city. offers an iPhone app ($2.99 for one region), that allows you to find and visit what it calls the “historic landmarks and silly sights…from Washington to Obama.”

What travel apps have you found invaluable while on assignment? Tell us about them here.

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