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Best Pet Options for Traveling Nurses

If you work as a traveling nurse, some in the profession recommend getting a pet to take along on your assignments. When you are in a new location and have not yet made any friends, you can get a little homesick and lonely. A pet is a great way to deal with the loneliness.

Pets make great companions. When you get home after a long day at work, they are always there to greet you warmly. If you are frustrated or angry, they offer a willing ear for your complaints. They also help you exercise – if you have a dog, you need to walk them every day.

Moving Your Pet

This really isn’t much of a problem. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, you can fit almost any kind of pet in it. You should, however, put together a pet travel kit. The kit should contain the following – a small portion of dry food, a small fold-up bowl, medications and first aid items, travel documents (such as a rabies certificate), a favorite toy, treats and contact information for a veterinarian.


If you are driving to your new location, you don’t have to worry about any fees for your pet. However, if you fly, it will cost in the neighborhood of $100 to have your pet in the airplane cabin. If you decide to put your pet in the cargo area, that is even more expensive, at about $250.

Working With Your Staffing Agency

Many traveling healthcare professionals say it is easier to travel with a pet if you use the housing provided by your staffing agency. Agencies work with a variety of housing organizations, so the company will be able to give you more options as far as living with a pet.

If you will be living in an apartment, you should expect things like pet deposits, pet rent or pet fees and restrictions on certain breeds of animals. Some agencies will handle all of this for you.

Other agencies ask for an initial pet deposit that is then used for each travel assignment. Then, if you leave or take a stipend, the deposit is returned. However, with this arrangement you are usually responsible for any pet fees and pet rent.

If you prefer finding your own housing in a new location, and you want to bring a pet, give yourself additional time to look around, as well as doing some extra research. Naturally, some cities are more welcoming to pets and their owners than others.

Travel Nursing Career Opportunities

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