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The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce for a Healthcare Facility

Diversity matters in a healthcare facility, and researchers are finding more information every day that supports this idea.

Research published by McKinsey & Company found that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform those in the bottom quartile for diversity, and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform companies with minimal diversity.

There are several reasons why a healthcare facility benefits from a diverse workforce. It welcomes new ideas and innovation, and also allows for people from all different backgrounds to become more adaptable and accepting of others. It helps to form an environment of tolerance and teamwork. If you have a team made up of healthcare professionals that can speak a multitude of languages, you will encounter a smaller number of language barrier challenges.

A study published in the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy found that gender actually played a significant role in the increase of revenue a company could reach. According to MIT News, “Among other results, the economists found that shifting from an all-male or all-female office to one split evenly along gender lines could increase revenue by roughly 41 percent.”

A workplace that is made up of several different racial and ethnic backgrounds is also proven to be better at decision-making. One study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that when researchers took 29 mock juries, those made up of both black and white members made better decisions than the all-white groups. Samuel R. Sommer, Ph.D., one of the researchers, found that “such diverse juries deliberated longer, raised more facts about the case, and conducted broader and more wide-ranging deliberations.” The mixed groups also made fewer factual errors when reviewing evidence.

Overall, research shows diverse healthcare facilities create a space for:

  • More respect and understanding for other cultures
  • More creativity and innovation
  • A movement towards a more global workforce, a key in business success
  • Less language barrier challenges within your facility
  • Better patient outcomes and satisfaction

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