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Assignment Didn’t Go as Planned? How to Learn From It and Move On

All work experiences—both positive and negative—have an important place in your job history. Why? Because they both offer you an opportunity to learn and grow in your career. So, if a travel healthcare assignment has turned out much differently than you planned, what can you do? The answer is simple: try to use your time spent as a learning experience, and then put it behind you. Here’s how.

What you can learn from a negative travel healthcare experience

Remember that your healthcare career is a long and winding road—full of people, places and events that will help you shape your life’s work. If you’ve had a negative travel experience, think of it merely as a bump in the road. You can also review your experience to help you:

  • Choose an appropriate location. Some travel healthcare workers are eager for their next assignment, and will accept whatever comes their way, while others are choosy about the locations to which their assignments take them. If you’ve had a bad experience, this will help you to more fully understand cities or types of assignments you might want to steer clear of for upcoming assignments.
  • Review your next contract. Perhaps the issue with your assignment was that it didn’t live up to its description, or you overlooked “fine print” within the contract. Now that you know what to look for in a travel healthcare assignment, you’ll be that much more prepared next time and will know what questions to ask about the contract, facility, duties, etc. (Also, if you work with a recruiter for travel assignments, they can help you to review and understand your contract.)
  • Shape your requirements. If you’re just getting started with travel healthcare, you may not know what you need from an assignment to make you happy. This can include housing, location, proximity to things to do in your free time, salary requirements, commuting required, benefits, etc. With each experience, whether good or bad, you’ll gain a better understanding of what will keep you the most content while away from home. And then you can request these things on your next placement.
  • Know your rights. If you’ve worked with a staffing agency to secure your travel assignment, they want to protect you and keep you happy. If on an assignment you ever feel that your safety is at risk or you’re being asked to take on much more than you can handle, you should always contact your recruiter and discuss your options. Negative experiences can be a good reminder of this.
  • Evaluate whether travel healthcare is right for you. Though travel healthcare can provide career opportunities to which many other working professionals do not have access, it may not be for everyone. To do well, you’ll need certain qualities that allow you to quickly and easily adapt to new surrounding and situations. After you’ve given it a try, you may find that you’re best suited to stay put, and that’s OK.

It’s not the falling down, but the getting back up that counts

So you’ve had a travel experience you’d prefer to put behind you—not to worry. It will only help you understand more about yourself and travel healthcare overall. This will allow you to choose a more appropriate assignment next time. Onward and upward!

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