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Are You Reserved? How to Appear Passionate in Your Nursing Interview

Your passion for your career will help you achieve great things. First, it creates the drive that keeps you working hard toward your career goals. It will also help you be the very best nurse you can be to your patients. Feeling passionate about your career will also add to your job satisfaction, because you’ll feel fulfilled in what you do. And finally, your career passion will be a selling point during interviews, helping you to land the positions you seek to round out your career. So—how passionate are you about nursing? And what can you do to demonstrate this passion to potential employers?

Four ways to wear your passion for nursing on your sleeve

Aside from your clinical skills and experience, passion for your nursing career ranks high on the list of professional must-haves. During an interview and on the job, you can demonstrate your passion through the following:

  • Care and compassion for others. Nurses must care for the sick but also provide support to patients’ families, friends and loved ones—you’ll need motivation to take care of those around you. Nurses must also be a source of guidance and good communication to others on the medical team to ensure the treatment process goes as smoothly as possible for the best patient outcomes. Caring goes a long way to help nurses accomplish all of these things.
  • Desire to make a difference. The best nurses are driven to make a difference in the lives of others—through kindness, the best possible care, collaboration with other nurses and the medical team, etc. How have you stepped up and gone above and beyond during your nursing career? How have you helped patients and processes improve? These are details that can help you to explain your career passion.
  • Pride in your career. Are you proud to tell others what you do for a living? When you believe in yourself and your job, you can proudly say that you’re a nurse, without hesitation.
  • Motivation to improve. One of the hallmarks of career passion is the motivation to learn and grow in one’s career. You can do this by keeping up with the healthcare industry, as research and technology are paving the way for changes every year. Through continuing education, ongoing training, attendance at seminars and conferences, and reading trade journals, you can stay up to speed on what’s happening in the field of nursing.

Positive attitudes are contagious

When you’re passionate about your career, it shows! And you can spread this energy to your colleagues, helping to create a supportive work environment all around you.

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