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Applying for Your First Allied Healthcare Travel Job? Here Are 5 Tips to Follow

Are you an allied healthcare professional considering travel jobs? It can be an exciting direction for your career. It opens opportunities to work with the facilities and patients you prefer and the environment where you’d like to live. Here are a few things to think about.

Get your ducks in a row.

Make sure you have access to any licenses or certifications your specialty may require. Find out what you need to do to secure your current home before you leave. Do you need to put things in storage? Get out of a lease? Automate your recurring bills so you have one less thing to worry about on the road.

Do some research.

Talk to friends who may be working as travel therapists. If you don’t know anyone, interview a few recruiting firms to see who you fit with and ask to speak to professionals who work in your field. Consider whether you’d rather work in a large city hospital or a rural clinic, and ask recruiters what they have to offer.

Choose a specialized recruitment firm.

Travel allied health has a lot of specific factors to take into consideration, and it really does take an expert to get it right. Be certain the firm you work with is a healthcare industry specialist and they understand the unique challenges of the field.

Get your resume in order.

Today’s employers expect a customized resume. It was once okay to have one generic resume, but now you must send resumes that dovetail with the requirements of the employer. Be sure your resume uses keywords that are in the posting and are unique to your industry. Create a resume that really makes you stand out.

Craft a cover letter that sells you.

The job of your cover letter is to make connections between your resume and the job posting. It’s your sell sheet that gives the reader a snapshot of the kind of professional you are. Take your time to write a letter that will make an impact.

Need a little help or advice?

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