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Allied Travel Professional? How to Shine in Your Job Interview

Job interviews are always stressful. But if you are a traveling healthcare professional, you can go to any job interview secure in the knowledge you have the skills and attributes necessary.

Here are some of the skills you can highlight during a job interview, skills that employers are looking for.


When you travel, you are constantly going into new and different work situations. As you move from one job to the next, you have to learn new processes and procedures, as well as developing relationships with new people.

You need to be able to adapt to different work environments, to absorb information quickly and put the information to use. You have to become familiar with the layout of the facility and the electronic medical record system.

You should have many examples at your fingertips of how you adapted to new situations and how you are able to deal with change, not only on the job, but in acclimating to new places geographically.


Another attribute to focus on is the flexibility that traveling healthcare professionals demonstrate; the ability to work under different rules and management styles and use different equipment.

A well-rounded background

Through traveling, you are able to acquire knowledge that most healthcare professionals cannot.

Traveling itself is a learning experience. A travel healthcare professional is exposed to a variety of cultures and ways of life which broaden their horizons.

Important soft skills

Traveling also helps develop traits like knowing how to communicate well, working with others, thinking critically, persisting and persevering.

Communicating well means knowing how to deal with people of diverse backgrounds; those with cultural, religious and economic histories. Because they have worked in many locations, travel healthcare professionals have much more experience in dealing with diversity.

Moreover, as they routinely confront situations that are new and different, they must think creatively and analytically.

Before going to the interview, research the healthcare organization to get a sense of the kinds of skills and qualities they are looking for. Examine the job description and talk to your recruiter.

Then prepare by drawing upon your travel experiences to develop stories and examples that illustrate how you have acquired and used those skills.

Partner with the right allied healthcare travel firm

At MedPro Healthcare Staffing, we take the time to learn about your skills, experience and career goals, then use our network of hundreds of healthcare facilities to find the right travel healthcare jobs for you. We offer an array of services, including the MedPro Experience and MedPro University, our unique professional development program for employees. To find out more, call one of our recruiters at 1-800-866-8108 or apply below.


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