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10 Ways to Celebrate National Great Outdoors Month

An allied travel career can take you all over the country and sometimes the world. While your focus should be on the assignment while you’re traveling, you should also take advantage of your surroundings. The United States is full of natural beauty. From national and state parks, rivers, forests, oceans, and more, the outdoor opportunities are endless. There may even be hidden green spaces in more urban areas for those who live in the city. Exploring the outdoors is not only fun but may also be crucial for your mental and physical health. As June is National Great Outdoors Month, here are 10 ways to celebrate for those in travel nursing careers.

Take an outdoor photography class

You may have become an expert at taking pictures of your lunch for Instagram, but what about something more scenic with a real camera? As those in travel nursing careers are constantly on the move, many of them travel with their camera. Whether solo or with a group of your new co-workers, consider taking an outdoor photography class. These classes are offered all over the country, both in urban and rural communities. They have classes for beginners and experts. This is a great opportunity for you to give your friends and family a glimpse into your life away from home.

Go diving/snorkeling

This activity is best suited for those with allied travel careers on the coast. There is another world under the sea just waiting to be explored. Diving will take a bit more bravery and time for practice, but the return will be worth it. All you need for a great snorkel experience are the mask, snorkel, and a set of fins to help you navigate the big blue.

See the northern lights

If you are lucky enough to land an assignment in Alaska, or somewhere else up north, you may have the opportunity to see the northern lights or aurora borealis. If this opportunity is available where you’re traveling, it’s something not to be missed. On rare occasions, this phenomenon does present itself closer to urban areas up north, but you have a better chance to experience it if working closer to secluded areas.

Go on a group bike trail

Biking on an outdoor trail is one type of adventure you can have regardless of what geographical area you’re working in. You can explore a bike trail before work, after work, on a lunch break, or on a day off. Chances are there are others in your new facility who like to ride. If nothing else, you can connect with a regular bike group in town who would know all the best trails.

Learn how to identify birds

Have you ever heard a mysterious chirp and wished you knew what type of bird it was coming from? Well, grab a pair of binoculars, a bird book, and a guide the next time you head outside! Local organizations and clubs often offer free bird watching excursions, and the guides tend to be very well versed in the species. These tours typically start before or around sunrise, so you may need to be an early bird to appreciate it.

Volunteer at a park cleanup

Participating in a park cleanup can scratch your volunteer and outdoors itch at the simultaneously. Not everyone treats a public park with the respect it deserves. Many parks are even run down from neglect or lack of proper funding. Find a local park cleanup event and volunteer your time to help. These parks are necessary for kids to be able to have fun in a safe place. If they are dirty, that means they are also dangerous. Park cleanups occur at small city parks, state parks, and even national parks. Carve out some time on your travel assignment to save the lives of the local wildlife.

Take a fishing trip

You may not consider yourself much of a fishing person but a day on a boat, or even a dock, can be a very fun and relaxing experience. For deep sea fishing, hire a guide to take you to the best spots. Traveling with your kids this summer? Find a local lake that allows fishing and bring your own pole. Living in a colder climate? Try fly fishing or ice fishing. All you need for a successful fishing trip is a fishing pole, bait, and a little bit of patience.

Go camping

From glamping to rugged camping, plan a night under the stars at a level that’s comfortable for you. You can camp in your backyard, in a forest, or in a national park. Regardless of where you are assigned, you are never too far from some type of campground. If you are planning to go camping, it is recommended not to go alone. Save this experience for when your friends or family come to visit. This type of outdoor activity may be something fun to plan with your department as a bonding experience with your co-workers. Once you’ve done it, you’ll surely be asking for s’more!

Try whitewater rafting

This can be done in tandem with a camping trip or on its own. You can attack whitewater in a raft or a kayak. This is one adventure we do not recommend trying on your own. Live near a river? Find a local rafting company and sign up for a tour. They generally have tours for all skill and bravery levels. You can even do a quick morning or afternoon tour and keep that adrenaline rush going when heading back to work.

Just walk

Not much of an outdoors person? All you need to do is step outside your home or place of work and start walking. Any amount of vitamin D and fresh air will do wonders for your mental health. You can take a more formal trail or just walk on the sidewalk. The “outdoors” can be defined in any way that makes the most sense for you! Those in travel nursing careers tend to get caught up with completing their assignments and moving to the next one, so we challenge you to get out and experience more. Do not forget to take time for yourself.

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