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Allied Staffing Plans: The Number One Thing You Should Incorporate (and Why)

You can protect the happiness of your full-time staff and the reputation of your facility. Many hospitals and healthcare organizations are working within tight budgets. It’s a challenge to maintain a full workforce and keep your staff-to-patient ratio within a reasonable level. As you build your allied staffing plan, the number one thing you should include is travel employees. The addition of travel allied healthcare staff will help you preserve the morale of your permanent staff, maintain a high quality of patient care, and even reduce your staffing budget.

Benefits of using travel healthcare workers in your staffing plan:

  • Keep your full-time staff happy. It’s a proven fact after a while, multiple long shifts and overtime can burn out your permanent staff. If your facility is currently understaffed, relying solely on your full-time staff to pick up the slack can lead to decreased productivity, unhappiness and even illness. Even if your staff requests overtime, understand that this is not a long-term staffing solution.
  • Ensure quality patient care. With staff burnout comes treatment errors and decreased quality of patient care. This can harm the reputation of your facility, or worse, lead to lawsuits. You can relieve some of the burden on your full-time staff by supplementing your workforce with travel employees. Travel healthcare staff are used to learning new policies and procedures as they move about the country for work. This means you won’t need to spend a lot time with onboarding and training—travel staff are fast learners.
  • Save on the cost of staffing. It may seem like the wisest fiscal decision is paying your permanent staff for overtime rather than relying on the services of a staffing firm. However, consider that staffing fees are often much less than the cost of overtime for your full-time workers. So working with travel employees can actually help you save money.

The valuable support of a staffing partner

A staffing partner experienced with the travel healthcare industry is your ally for strategic allied staffing. Your recruiter can work with you to develop a staffing plan that meets your facility’s unique needs. Remember, staffing firms are experts at what they do, and their goal is your satisfaction with their services.

You can rely on MedPro Healthcare Staffing

If you’re looking for allied healthcare staff, including nurses, pharmacists or therapists, check out MedPro Healthcare Staffing. Our expert recruiters will work with you for the supplemental travel staff you need to round out your allied staffing plan. To learn more, please contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing today.