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Allied Medical Professional? How to Connect Better With Your Patients

The medical field is constantly growing and evolving. Because of this, most allied medical professionals are on top of keeping up to date with the latest medical and technological advancements. While staying attuned to best practices is absolutely a top priority, it is also highly important that medical professionals ensure they are doing everything they can to truly connect with their patients. When meeting with a patient, take a step back to consider the following:

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Active Communication
Be an active listener. Make eye contact with your patients, provide an opportunity for them to share their concerns and fears, and let them know they are being heard. Ask open-ended questions and check for any confusion or misunderstanding. Not only will this help build the foundation for a solid doctor-patient rapport, it will provide an opportunity for you to educate your patients on their treatment plan, in turn, putting their minds at ease and building trust.

Team Collaboration
A medical professional’s mind is filled with a lifetime of learning; however, expertise varies, even among professionals within the same niche. Depending on your patient’s plan and diagnosis, it may be beneficial to bring in a surgeon, a social worker, or a pharmacist to help explain the process, procedure, or aftercare. This circles back to actively listening to a patient’s needs and understanding when it may be in their best interest to bring another medical professional into the fold to ensure a positive, comfortable experience built on trust.

Giving Time
Take a moment and put yourself inside your patient’s mind to understand how to explain what is going on and anticipate any questions they may have, but not know how to ask. Minimize distractions and interruptions so you can focus on your patient. Giving your patient your undivided attention is one of the best ways to show them they are important and you’re on their side while also ensuring you get to the root of the problem.

Working on your “soft” communication skills is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve as a medical professional. At MedPro Healthcare Staffing, we believe in working with you to help you find the best job opportunities that fit your unique skills and career needs. To learn more about how MedPro can help you find a great new job, contact one of our experienced recruiters today or click below to apply now!

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