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Looking to Grow Your Medical Practice? Four Benefits of Implementing Travel Staff Into Your Growth Strategy

Demand for nurses and allied healthcare professionals is in ever-increasing demand. With our retiring population of baby boomers, and the Affordable Care Act requiring more people to obtain health coverage, your facility may be faced with a need for more healthcare professionals. And when it’s time to grow, healthcare employers need a good solution for staffing up. Some facilities turn to staffing agencies to supply travel workers and help business continue to run smoothly.


Four reasons to consider travel nursing and healthcare staff

If your patient demand is exceeding your staffing resources, it may be time to expand. The addition of travel healthcare staff can help your facility in the following ways:

  1. Prevent burnout of full-time staff. Maybe you’ve decided you need additional staff and they simply can’t arrive soon enough. To alleviate the strain on your full-time, permanent workers, travel employees can be brought on board quickly. Because they’re used to short transitions, they’ll be up to speed fast—allowing your facility to care for its caseload without skipping a beat.
  2. Keep staffing levels stable. While you’re in search of additional full-time workers, temporary travel staff can help you fill staffing gaps and maintain a high quality of patient care. This can give you all the time you need to locate the right permanent hires for your facility.
  3. Save on overtime costs. The overtime pay and benefits of full-time workers can be costly. But travel workers can help you alleviate costs while you work through a temporary staffing deficit.
  4. Find a potential full-time hire. Travel staff present you with a unique staffing situation where you can get to know an employee’s work ethic on a temporary basis. So if you find a travel employee who fits well with your facility, and this person is willing to relocate, you can always extend an offer of permanent employment. Then, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re making a well-matched hiring choice.

Find the right staffing partner – MedPro Healthcare Staffing

When you’re considering travel healthcare staff, find a healthcare staffing agency partner who can place the medical workers you need. A niche firm will be in touch with the ins and outs of the healthcare industry—and understand the qualifications healthcare workers needs to succeed. This will help you make great employment matches quickly and easily.

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