When working a long shift, you can easily get tired out, sore, and very hungry. Nursing is a taxing job, but also one of the most rewarding out there.

1. Raw almonds

Why you want it: A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that eating almonds boosts vitamin E levels and helps lower cholesterol. Almonds also increase antioxidants in your bloodstream and improve blood flow, helping your heart stay healthy.

2. Greek yogurt and granola

Why you want it: Greek yogurt is full of good protein which will help keep you fuller, longer. It also has a good amount of calcium to help keep your bones strong, and probiotics to help promote gut health. Add some granola on top for a tasty crunch and a nice dose of fiber and iron!


3. Jerky

Why you want it: Jerky is PACKED with protein, which makes for a lean snack that will help keep you feeling full throughout your shift. You’ll also get a great dose of iron and zinc, and calories on this snack are low. In fact, a 1-ounce portion of beef jerky is about 116 calories and contains heart-healthy fats.

4. Trail Mix

Why you want it: Most trail mixes have nuts in them, which means a lot of great healthy fats, protein, and vitamin E. Fried fruits tend to have good amounts of antioxidants and also add a bit of sweetness to help give your blood sugar levels a healthy boost.

trail mix

5. Protein shake

Why you want it: There are several protein powders available on the market with low calories and sugars, which means they are healthy options for people looking to get a dose of protein while not relying on consuming a high amount of calories. They can help you develop lean muscles mass and help with fat loss, as well as making you feel full throughout your shift.

6. Deli roll-up

Why you want it: These low-carb snacks are great for those looking to feel full but not pack in a bunch of calories during snack time. Make a wrap with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard, then cut into smaller bite-sized pieces. These low-calorie, healthy snacks will keep you focused throughout your shift.


7. KIND bars

Why you want it: There are several great options for granola and protein bars on the market, but KIND bars stand out for one reason: their ingredients. KIND bars combine heart-healthy and nutritious dried fruit, nuts, and granola into bars without fillers and other ingredients we don’t know how to pronounce.

8. Pretzels

Why you want it: Pretzels are low in fat and are filled with fiber, iron, zinc, and folate. Instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips, which can be high in calories and high in fat, reach for these instead for a salty snack (psst, you’ll also get a dose of B vitamins!).


9. Chocolate milk

Why you want it: Not only is chocolate milk a great source of electrolytes and a great way to stay hydrated, but it’s also a healthy way to replenish carbohydrates in your body that help keep your muscles and liver happy. It’s super easy to carry with you and is also filled with calcium and vitamins.

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